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Donna Lynn Canino (May 22, 1946 - May 28, 2016) [DOSSIER]
"Teach others what friends really are.... just accept you for who you are not what you want them to be." - Donna Canino.

Our community came together to remember a good friend and share memories we once had with Zilette. Below are some of those memories.

- Interview from 2001
- In Chat Memorial May 31, 2016
- In Chat Memorial Personnel List
- Departmental Update and Condition Black Status


"I'll always remember the years of chatting with her in OTF. RIP friend." - CL6 Dierna

over the years I have I have remembered Donna as a wonderful influence on many people. She will be very missed by even people who never actually met her. - CL5 Komonda

Donna was always a generous, caring and funny person. May she now rest in peace." - CL8 The Doctor

"Donna will be deeply missed, because she was deeply loved." - CL8 Toddy

she is such a wonderful caring person." - CL7 Kaela L. Donos

I will remember Donna's wonderful personality, with an empathy rivalling that of a betazoid." - CL9 Henri

Very dear person that influenced so many." - CL7 *Cinna*

Very sad day, she will be missed by so many. She touched so many people's heart!" - CL5 Soran