Welcome to the combined 2005 and 2006 yearbook. Here you will find interviews, photos, chatsaves and a bunch of random stuff you can love us for later. This project aims to document the past two years at Outpost10F.com, and on-line community. Our community is diverse and multi-faceted, and this yearbook is a snapshot of some sides of that complex machine that entertains, distracts, enthralls, connects, inspires, informs and teaches. Read on to the following links for introductions from...

The editor and designer, Brady (CL8) >>

The Assistant Manager of Communitucations, Amanda (CL7) >>

The Vice-Commander of Outpost 10F, Crazy Texan (CL10) >>

Before you go on to explore this yearbook, I'd also like to offer up something sent to me recently from an old member of the Outpost. I think it points to an aspect of the community that should definitely be celebrated, and the story is particularly relevent at the time of our anniversary.

A story about the connections made possible by Outpost 10F >>

Please take some time to have a flip through these pages, or make some time in the future. We have a remarkable little community going on here, and this project is an attempt to capture the essence of that community. Make sure you drop by the thanks page as well to pay hommage to all the people who worked to make this project appear before you, as if by magic.

DISCLAIMER: If there is an image of you here that you object to us using (be it in the gallery or the design itself) please email brady@outpost10f.com straight away and it will be taken down.