OTF's 20th Anniversary Yearbook


From the 2017 Anniversary

Personnel List from 26 Aug 2017 Personnel List from 26 Aug 2017 - 2 Personnel List from 26 Aug 2017 - 3 Opening Personnel List from 26 Aug 2017 Personnel List after promotion ceremony 37 People in chat!
Friday's Chat Transcripts
Retro Chat transcript 1 Retro Chat transcript 2 Retro Chat transcript 3
Saturday's Chat Transcripts
Opening Chat transcript 1 Opening Chat transcript 2 Opening Chat transcript 3 Opening Chat transcript 4 Opening Chat transcript 5 Opening Chat transcript 6 Opening Chat transcript 7 Opening Chat transcript 8 Opening Chat transcript 9
Sunday's Chat Transcripts
General Shenanigans and Senior Manager speeches The end of the SM speeches, and the beginning of the Jousting tournament The culmination of the Jousting tournament The Archery tournament and the armoury melee contest Yearbook reveal and the new VC announcement! Also, who gets DeBoe's points? The contest for DeBoe's points, as well as the winner of the House Cup are announced! Some last minute suspense.... and Octavyan are the winners!
7of24 questions Robert's method of handling the zombie apocalypse 8 active personnel in this day and age! Larrykins has some choice words for Lzrman Lzrman daring someone to do what you know he's just going to do himself AJ lives! Andrew is coming out of retirement? Much to the dismay of Lzr Ashley and PV have an... interesting conversation Cliftonian discussing her lunchtime habits Dave likes a clean house Goose gets a much deserved demotion? Henri has been away a spell Iain has a thought Jon has a particular set of skills Keith's life is great Even the server gets tired Korny reveals her final form Larrykins enjoys Goose's sausage Two OTFers with birthdays are in chat at the same time! Something something Lzr and rears Lzr gets a save of Ryan Lzr is phat. Majin is a cocky cock McGrath is only in it for the pension Keith's hair waving in the wind.... Michiel comes up with a creative name for Ice's OTF work Pheebs has some thoughts about t-shirts Michiel is a CV pro Lzr is hungry Someone has gotten ahold of the session editor again Robert gives Lzr a custom avatar Robert is *air quotes* sober Robert relives his childhood Robert watches wrestling again Shadow shot first Robert sleeps with a clown Robert is a great uncle Robert has delusions of grandeur Some things never change Robert attempts to be professional Robert brings boys to the yard... or something Robert is gorgeous Washing machines are dangerous Roop gets dressed up for the cinema Sarek is an odd fellow Goose brings a kielbasa in to the chat Jon stops by for a casual chat CLOAKED is just checking to see if the armory still works Shadow reveals his true form Shadow gets a promotion Shadow discusses the Sun McGrath has cats Shellie offers a dare to the chat Apparently Tanya speaks wisdom Tanya describes Lzr Lzr offers Robert a deal Vic is a bro Vic is a sexy beast XZ is doing his part Ziptieman stops in every so often Santa's had an accident Harry Potter and the Unexpected Party Guest (html transcript) Andrew pays a visit to the chat (html transcript) The 2003 Auction (html transcript) We should have fired Lzr when we had the chance (html transcript) It was a... erm, draggy evening (html transcript) Someone brought a thermal detinator to chat again (html transcript) Just a friendly game of Truth or Dare (html transcript)