In this section you will find Chat saves that came from people in the chat room.

Thank you everyone for putting in the Chat Saves this year...

This year was very special, 34 people logged in, to see the SM of Communications obtain a flag promotion!

Flattery will get you everywhere
spycam? *checks* wow, hasn't been touched in years
gone is an evil word
unless it's clown makeup, right?
I'll just embrace whatever the randomizer gives me
That's right I've been promoted to Doctor Who Mastermind.
I guess Robert being a creepy cannibal
We're not FULL of crazy people.
I made the project and put him on the team
I saw it get closer...
and here you are graphically depicting Alexis AND HIS LEGS
I think there is something going on between them two
did you know we have a Dr Who Chatroom?
MOffat still hasn't answered my letter
Yes, it is weird
gives you the chance to adjust
*waves hand or something*
Are you trying to seduce me, Assistant?
Al change your name, quickly.
its like a bunch of people dancing around drunk touching each other.
al's the mother
it must've been my bad breath
NO | ?? what? who are you people .. that's Canada
Dammit Christian
working hard in her cubicle.
Doctor Hootenanny is the stupidest thing I've ever heard
I both hate and love you at the same time
See, you're braining right now!
Winter won't be the only thing coming
i have 28
yes. that's .. I meant "the house you worked hard on that is now in bad condition".
Has talking to each other in person got that hard after 12 years
There you go, my good man.
But I assume some of them talk about fish.
full spread of quantum torpedoes (level 7)
why is katrina logged in?
is Laura on her iPod?
we're gonna watch this week's here in a minute too
walk out the laundry room, it's on the left.
Your mother is a lady of the night
that solar booze, eh?
is joining 10f like performing Macbeth?
everywhere's a Mike Mike
Why is Katrina laughing
I don't know what I'm doing
Crazy Texan Level 2's Hal
I'm screwing it all up as fast as I can!
Also a valid answer
not building a deathstar?
ISA - Mashing'neeps since 98 ... ish
Ian still busy screwing? I want him here in Trivia
low balls
*hurls a room at you*
I feel like I walked in on something I was NOT supposed to see
Every time Justin Bieber eats an L2 and not me
To Catch a Predator
Elopes with Confetti
butts butts butts
I'm sitting on Hobbie's butt.