Most Wanted - Dead or Alive: Talythia

Is probably better known as Taly or peeperoonie.

Taly saw the OTF light on 21 October 2000 while looking for fan fiction and stuff on the SW BanthaTracks search site where the OTF banner was daring her to have a closer look at the site. Taly was looking for something interesting to do when she stumbled in OTF and to replace her old favorite place online: the StargateSG-1 Command site - RIP MALPs! She liked to talk about Star Wars stuff, but found that that was hardly done in the Cantina. Expect when a new movie, or book came out, or new people came in. The avatars looked cool, and they where something new. The Cantina had some thing familiar to it compared to the old site, and yet it had cool new things and was more fun.

Taly found and joined the Cantina first when she first got into the SW fandom. She has found better then thins then Star Wars now, namely Anime. But since OTF doesn’t have an anime affiliation she had no reason to change that.

Her first moments in the Cantina where quiet, when Taly was still a little shy, but there was a bar! She asked what it was and James Bond explained it to her joined by Amaris. The two of them also explain about all the smileys and things like *l* and *s*. She also found out that there was a long way till she could use <> and that she had to use asterisks till she had walked that path to a Cl6.

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