Director Commentary
By: Sidne

Thank you all for taking the time to look at our intelligence reports. Our agents have been working non-stop for months to uncover the secrets of the Outpost. Special thanks go to Nobbe for getting this intensive report started, Sidne for taking over after Nobbe left to go undercover with the new mob house as their second in command, Camila for coding the intelligence report, Michiel for designing it, Dracmus for gathering intelligence on wanted dead or alive personnel and the organized mob gathering in London, Kyp for gathering information on the security agents, Amanda for helping interrogate the Outpost personnel and Suzy for leading this great endevour from her corner office on the third floor. These elite, undercover agents did a fantastic job of bringing you this report after their leadership was shifted into turmoil with only a month left. And as every great detective would say...the case is closed.