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On July 15th 2002, Version 2 (V2) of Outpost 10f opened it's doors for the first time. It expanded beyond the original programming, making everything more user friendly and more professional.

Over the two or so hours that people waited while InDev changed around all of our systems, many of the patrons flocked to other chatrooms that had opened their doors willingly to give us all a temporary home.

The InDev team that worked on creating this marvelous place consisted of 12 talented people: CL12 Piraeus, CL11 Maxwell, CL8 Henri, CL7 Kali d'Or, CL7 Jon, CL7 LindaX, CL7 RQ, CL7 Tierce, and CL5 Jor. They worked painstakingly for many long days and nights in the months before the official opening. Many of them have quite the story to tell about the work they put into it. You'll have to ask them yourself what their story is because there are too many memories to be captured into one place here in the yearbook.

V2 implemented many new features and colours, login information and logging out screens that were cool, smooth and efficiant. All one has to do is look around our great outpost to see that we are indeed a group of talented people. All we have to do is be a team and we can create something we all can enjoy.

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