Welcome to the Outpost 10F Yearbook, 2002 - 2003!

We must say that it's been one roller coaster of a ride getting this thing all pulled together! We are pleased with the final product and we know that you will be too. Please take a look around and see all the sites, pictures and listen to all the soundbytes that everyone sent us. A lot of work goes into putting together something so large and complicated as the Yearbook. We are all fortunate to have a talented staff whose skills and ingenuity cannot be taken for granted.

Through six years of Outpost 10F history, there have been many yearbooks and many designers. Each year, it seems that we pull together a Yearbook that looks totally different than the one before. This year, our design is taking a radical step away from the designs in recent years, and rightly so. The yearbook is a record, much like a high school annual, in so far as being a sign of the times. We each say things, do things, and look certain ways in doing them that next year will have changed.

As you read this year, take a moment to think about what you were doing when filling out a yearbook interview form. Look at your answers and try not to say, "I didn't mean to say that;" but say instead, "I forgot about that!" Laugh, smile, giggle -- do what you wish, but have a good time! Maybe you'll think of something to say for next year, or maybe you'll be inspired to say something today.

We're a photograph of today for the portrait of tomorrow. Read the Assistant Editor's Introductory Message.


Yearbook Editor 2003

Robert Griffith
Yearbook Assistant Editor 2003