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Outpost 10F has been in existance since August 1997 (probably even earlier, but we don't wanna dig TOO far into Andrew's mind! *grins evilly*), and has, since then, been visited by people from all countries, all religions, and varying stages of sanity. Some have stuck around since the Dawn of Time, some have jumped on the bandwagon half-way through the trip, some had escaped our custody, only to be dragged back, and some have seemed to disappear for no apparent reason. (And then there are those who have been escorted off our property by the big, burly Troll guards that were recently found lurking in the lower decks, but we won't talk of them. The Trolls, that is).

It is the PEOPLE of the Outpost that make it such an interesting place (well, it sure as heck wasn't the Skutters who put booby traps all through the more commonly used rooms), and so we sent our most highly trained 'interrogators' out to find out who had done WHAT to the Outpost, but instead, they returned with these 'interviews'. We're currently building a database to put these in to try and find out who it was that left the exploding chocolate puddings all through the Yearbook's office, but until then, we have THESE on loose-leaf paper stuck around the office to try and figure it out.

You might as well have a look at them yourself. To be fore-warned is to be fore-armed. Below is a list of available interviews. You can also view pictures of some of our members and two wayward voice clips.

Voice Clips

Alec Solo Lima Nobbe
Jadzia Jones Anth Shaker
Rock Wedge Antilles Sky
KC Iain Hampus
Lucas Dommy Dracmus
Cybersix Wraith Soran
Mic Mustaine Lupus Emma Soul
Amanda Sielu Paris Ricas Kibu Ben Mothma
Alpharex Stephanie Soul Zildjian
Aussie Lore Darth Sidious Ayanna
Kaela L. Donos Gremlin the Dark Kathryn Janeway-Riker
Fat Man Jaina Skywalker Anakin Skywalker
Tin Char D'un Shoes Gentry
Wenche Eden Sielu Ulph Shyva
Robin Kyp Durron Rage
S'Toh Steven Norton RedNave
Munro M'Tabek Luc Deathstryke
Deanna Katy EB
Darth Kueller Ares Jaro Warren
KittyKat Katelyn Richards Aeon
Sidne Jan Eagle
TaCHyoN Goose Angus MacGyver
Jaina Erin Robert Griffith Jennificus
Hydralisk Christina Shea MacGyver
Havoc Sam Quinn Barclay
Brett Norton Martin Lzrman
Red Leader Eggburt Data
Zahra Jarek Dwayne Hicks
Aurain la Aurelia Camilla Toddy