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In December of 2002, the Outpost 10F community saw the grand opening of the latest chat room, the Alder Hill In. With it came a whole new genre, the genre of Fantasy. This marked the first time that the Outpost has ventured into non-science fiction territory. Codenamed "Project X," Alder Hill was developed in secret by a small high-level team of coders. It opened with great success, prompting Star Trek and Star Wars users alike to come in for a look with some even converting to the Fantasy genre. The Alder Hill Inn also features Fantasy trivia nights based on a broad-range of fantasy books, movies, and television series, as well Fantasy genre sims taking place in and around Alder Hill.

Alder Hill Inn is much more than a mere chat room, though. Behind the Fantasy genre is a whole smorgasbord of lore, providing the genre with a story, just as Star Trek and Star Wars provide stories for their respective genres. This completely original set of legends and stories details how Alder Hill came to existence, among the ruins of ancient trading towns. From the tiny Ifrin to the gargantuan Trolls, from the normal Humans to the delicate Elves, from the mining Dwarves to the winged Fae, there is a race for everyone in Alder Hill.

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Editor's Note: The Alder Hill has unfortunatly moved on from the Outpost. It can be found here.