Most Wanted - Dead or Alive: Lindax

Lindax is from the Netherlands, working with computers, and never bored.

Lindax saw the OTF light in 2000. After a few visits to an empty Rotarran she wondered what kind of chat this was. It took her half a year to discovered Ten Forward. And then she decided to register on 25 May 2000, a historical moment. Lindax discovered the world of Star Trek when she was 12. Finding it a healthy addition she started to see everything about all series. When hooked to the trekkie world like this, why should you even think of choosing an affiliation like Star Trek, or later fantasy.

The first memories of a chat room with people in it where good: fun moments with KittyKat and Komonda. She tolled them who she was, what hobbies she had and even showed them her homepage. Two days later she found an email from OTF, it was Camilla, senior manager of communications, asking if Lindax would like to help create the homepage from comm. Two days, and her career in OTF already had started.

Starting with a homepage she moved all over the place. From Team Leader yearbook in comm. to Internal Development, threw Research and Development, to Engineering when those teams decided to work together in one department. She moved from Senior Manager to Team Leader of the development team. Not liking all the paperwork that kept coming. And at the moment she is still in engineering and development. Helping out where she can, and where people would like to see her using her talent. The things she likes, and sometimes even loved doing where designing and building web pages. The best project being the schematics, where she has been working on for three years. To get it the way it looks today. Lindax creativity with pages didnít help her with the paperwork, and she decided that some one else would be fit to do that.

We find several awards and medals with Lindaxís name on it. The one shining like a small sun is Outstanding Citizenship from 2000, the first award to get after being in OTF for only a few months. The medals and awards mean more to her then the rank she holds.

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