Dutch Unions

The phenomenon ‘union’ has also been seen in the Netherlands. We suspect that a different side of the Mafia Family is holding meetings there to discuss progress and future plans. Certain individuals have been known to go missing after showing up at such meetings. Most of them turned up months later, and often with missing memories and in a state of total denial.

We even have proof that members of other families show up to strengthen their connection with the Dutch family. Business is discussed, beers tasted and even some food is enjoyed in most cases. Ok there seems to be a big fun factor, we suspect that the beer has a role in all of this. Further investigation on this matter might be advisable. To find out what matters are being discussed and what evil plans are being planned outside the reach of the spycam.

The people who have been meeting up at the non-official mini unions seem to come back for more, an addiction is considered, and also return the favor of tightening bans with other Mafia families. While the group does not always contain of the same members, but it is knows for new members to attend. After several interrogations we have fun that it is fun to attend union: to get to know other members, to talk about new plans and work on old ones, or so simply find out how others things about certain plans. It seems that there are members from all sorts of departments, and some even with real power.

There is no doubt that this family will continue holding meetings. For the outsider they even might look like a group of friends having fun on a day out. But we know better, and we hope that we made clear what is going on at these unions. We advice every one to keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer.