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Here are a few chatscripts of amusing conversations and going-ons at Outpost10F over the last year.

Tyranny of Kitchen Appliances
A Comical Day with Lee
The Last minutes in the Cantina and the Ten Fhttp://communications.outpost10f.com/~yearbook/2003/ChatScripts/orward before the V2 shutdown and upgrade 1
The Last minutes in the Cantinhttp://communications.outpost10f.com/~yearbook/2003/ChatScripts/a and the Ten Forward before the V2 shutdown and upgrade 2
The Unofficial Declaration of August 21st as Hydra Day
HawkFalcon marries Robert Griffith... And Robert's the Bride
Wedge thinks he's finally defeated the TreeHohttp://communications.outpost10f.com/~yearbook/2003/ChatScripts/use, yet Kymburlee shows him off
Miss OTF Contestants make their Debut in the Chatrooms