CL7 Richard Smith Interview
CL7 Richard Smith
What attracted you to the Outpost initially, and made you stick around?
The layout and the people. The chance to earn a rank was great too. I stuck around because I enjoy the people and I like to be involved.

What was your first impression and, if at all, has that changed?
It was over 10 years ago, I dont really remember *laughs*

What's your favourite change that has occured since you've arrived?
I like the auto refresh chat a lot. It was about time we did that. I also like that we went to one room in chat.

Any suggestions for future changes you would like to see?
I would like to see the homepage revamped. I think it is a little too cluttered. I would also like the teams to be able to accept new people, not just those who are a Lieutenant or higher.

Is there anyone who no longer drops by that you'd like to see return, and why?
Andrew Maxwell, Henri, Sonata, Most of the old heads.

Have you ever attended an OTF Union? Who did you meet if yes?
No but I would like to set one up. Anyone that wants to help is welcome to email me.

Which OTFer would you like to meet and why?
Cliftonian and Hampus. We've been friends quite some time, but have never been able to meet due to distance.

Who do you get along with most at the Outpost?
Majin Kaze, AJ, David, JTK, Lee, I get along with most everyone

Who do you think is the funniest chatter around at the moment?

What do you think of CL6 David/Xgermz? Go on, be honest... ;)
A good friend, very capable, good guy.

Do you blame CL9 Hobbie, or is he misunderstood?
No not really, don't beat me up Polson....

Real-time chat: are you a friend or foe?
I love it!

What's your best memory of the past year?
I was made a Captain this year, something I didnt think I was going to attain.

What really made you laugh over the past year?
Learning Shadowfox was in Korea.

Where do you see the Outpost this time next year?
That's a loaded question. I would like to think that we will be even stronger next year. We have been looking for people to fill open positions around the Outpost and it is my hope that more people will take an active role in the community. I would also like to see us advertisting the site, so maybe that is something that can be looked at this year.

Would you vote for CL9 Dmitri in an election?
We have very similar views, so I believe I would....although he spells Labor funny :P

If you could buy any member of the Outpost a beer, who would it be?
Definately a kegger with Majin, AJ, David, and Iain.

If you could be one OTFer for a day, who would you be?
I'd like the racoon power of Majin Kaze.

You've got one free Level 2 shot: who do you shoot?

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