CL4 Party Watson Interview
CL4 Party Watson
What attracted you to the Outpost initially, and made you stick around?
There were actual people that liked Star Wars! That was pretty much a rarity at the junior high I went to, no one admitted to liking something so nerdy. Some of the people were actually pretty interesting and friendly, so I stuck around.

What was your first impression and, if at all, has that changed?
My first impression was there were some really nice people hanging out here. Now there are fewer of those people, but hey, niceness is still kicking about.

What's your favourite change that has occured since you've arrived?
The non-pixelated avatars.

Any suggestions for future changes you would like to see?
More handlebar mustaches and face tentacles!

Is there anyone who no longer drops by that you'd like to see return, and why?
PV, but doesn't everyone say him?

Have you ever attended an OTF Union? Who did you meet if yes?
Nope, doubt I will either. I have a misanthropic reputation to keep!

Which OTFer would you like to meet and why?
Honestly, I don't really want to meet anyone. I'm a hermit! But, you know, if I go crazy and decide I want to be a social butterfly, I would totally meet anyone who is awesome and enjoys a fine handlebar mustache.

Who do you get along with most at the Outpost?
I'll generally get along with anyone who's awesome. Those people know who they are.

Who do you think is the funniest chatter around at the moment?
Myself! Actually, there are quite a few kicking about that have me laughing a lot.

What do you think of CL6 David/Xgermz? Go on, be honest... ;)
He needs a handlebar mustache, or perhaps muttonchops. Maybe face tentacles.

Do you blame CL9 Hobbie, or is he misunderstood?
That's just silly.

Real-time chat: are you a friend or foe?
I have grown fond of it. At least, until the internet slows down, then it's a huge pain in the neck.

What's your best memory of the past year?
I don't even remember what I wore a few days ago, how am I supposed to remember a whole year? :P

What really made you laugh over the past year?
A lot has made me laugh.

Where do you see the Outpost this time next year?
In the same dimension, and still on the internet.

Would you vote for CL9 Dmitri in an election?
No, since he doesn't live in the US.

If you could buy any member of the Outpost a beer, who would it be?
Pssh, beer. Hard liquor, all the way.

If you could be one OTFer for a day, who would you be?
I'm quite content being myself.

You've got one free Level 2 shot: who do you shoot?
Nobody. That's just silly.

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