CL8 Majin Kaze Interview
CL8 Majin Kaze
What attracted you to the Outpost initially, and made you stick around?
All the hot, topless women. I was very impressionable at 13.

What was your first impression and, if at all, has that changed?
Not enough raccoons. That's changed because I have a raccoon avatar now.

What's your favourite change that has occured since you've arrived?
More cute girls. And Thor. And Andrew. And Dave.

Any suggestions for future changes you would like to see?
More cute girls. In fact, just make OTF a dating site. C'mon, you know ya want to!

Is there anyone who no longer drops by that you'd like to see return, and why?
That one person. You know who I mean. No, not that one. THAT one!

Have you ever attended an OTF Union? Who did you meet if yes?
I have not, but I've met a few OTFers, like Shadow and Candice.

Which OTFer would you like to meet and why?
I want to meet Skye, Andrew, Dave, Thor, Ray, and Svenja, because they are all awesome. :@

Who do you get along with most at the Outpost?
The people I mentioned above, because they are awesome. And Clarice. The only reason I didn't mention wanting to meet her is because I want to respect her hermit ways.

Who do you think is the funniest chatter around at the moment?
I think they're all pretty funny. Looking.

What do you think of CL6 David/Xgermz? Go on, be honest... ;)
I think he is the sexiest man alive. (I need to say this so that he'll stay in Entertainment...)

Do you blame CL9 Hobbie, or is he misunderstood?
I blame him, because he is a villainous jerk! Also, he's French. Name one thing that the French have done that benefited mankind!

Real-time chat: are you a friend or foe?
Currently: friend

What's your best memory of the past year?
That one thing that one time.......

What really made you laugh over the past year?
I don't have anything specific, but I've laughed a lot at Trivia events. Some great silly points this year!

Where do you see the Outpost this time next year?
Still on the internet.

Would you vote for CL9 Dmitri in an election?
No, because he hates geeky people like me. :@

If you could buy any member of the Outpost a beer, who would it be?
Thor, because he has a hammer!

If you could be one OTFer for a day, who would you be?
Majin Kaze, because he's one righteous dude.

You've got one free Level 2 shot: who do you shoot?
I have a free Level 2 shot every day... The other correct answer is everyone, because I'd use a thermal detonator.

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