CL5 KypD Interview
CL5 KypD
What attracted you to the Outpost initially, and made you stick around?
The overall friendliness of the chatters that was subtly undertoned by a general sense of chaotic craziness.

What was your first impression and, if at all, has that changed?
Not much has changed....but my first impression was that most people were there solely to talk about Star Wars....heck, I didn't even realize there was a ST chat room until at least 2 months in. (I'm slow)

What's your favourite change that has occured since you've arrived?
The added avatars and armory functions...and more recently, the automatic page refreshing.

Any suggestions for future changes you would like to see?
I'm not quite creative enough to think of something useful and new....perhaps more buttons?

Is there anyone who no longer drops by that you'd like to see return, and why?
There are a lot of people....maybe too many to mention. Maybe even myself more often. Whenever I come in here, I realize how much I miss certain people..... ....I didn't answer the question, did I? Actually...there is one. Who could forget Polgara? My twin? Where is she? I haven't facebook stalked her in a while, nor have I seen her in here...I miss her, dammit!

Have you ever attended an OTF Union? Who did you meet if yes?
I had an extremely small OTF Union that was very unoffical. Da'Moon (Lisa) and I met on a beach in New Jersey!...and then we called Polgara too, and it was like there were three people there!...Except not.

Which OTFer would you like to meet and why?
Waaaaay too many people to name for here....maybe everybody? Wouldn't that be fun!?

Who do you get along with most at the Outpost?
Anyone really....I don't pick fights...much.

Who do you think is the funniest chatter around at the moment?
Myself, duh. Actually, no. Hmmmm....I don't know....I could always go with the classic answer of "Iain!" but that's so generic....or Hobbie.....or AJ....

What do you think of CL6 David/Xgermz? Go on, be honest... ;)
He's a very nice gentleman. ......Though I'm pretty sure I don't know what he's talking about half the time. But that's definitely me, not him.

Do you blame CL9 Hobbie, or is he misunderstood?
Both. I also blame him for being misunderstood. And misunderstand why he is blamed.

Real-time chat: are you a friend or foe?
Still getting used to it...but it just makes me realize how slow I am :(

What's your best memory of the past year?
Checking the personnel list like crazy and finding that one afternoon, everybody I liked was in...AT THE SAME TIME. It was nice to catch up :D

What really made you laugh over the past year?
People. People make me laugh. I love this place. I particularly like the freedom that people have and express in their ability to change the Outpost status in the updates!

Where do you see the Outpost this time next year?
Same place....except in the future. Which would mean so much cooler.

Would you vote for CL9 Dmitri in an election?
Oh my goodness, yes. I'm a facebook fan!

If you could buy any member of the Outpost a beer, who would it be?
Is this question the same as, "Who would I like to see drunk?" Because there are many answers to that question!

If you could be one OTFer for a day, who would you be?
Probably Iain....because then I could make the chatrooms go all funky. But then again, I might not be able to handle all that brain power and I'd end up just being very confused, making buttons everywhere.

You've got one free Level 2 shot: who do you shoot?
I have that anyway....but I always feel mean shooting people out. I don't know! This is a question of morals :(

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