Thanks to everyone that has taken the time to flip through the pages of the 2005 and 2006 yearbook. We should take some time to thank those people responsible for making this yearbook a reality.

Lzrman (CL4) For providing the images that he has collected over the years during his duties as keeper of the Unions website. Many of the images integrated into the design of this site have come from his collection.
Ice (CL4) Ice came in towards the very end of the project, but was a great help particularly with the photo gallery section. He took what Kayana collected and turned it into a fantastic gallery.
Kayana (CL6) Even though she isn't a member of Communications, like Iain and myself Kayana migrated over temporarily to lend a hand with the yearbook. And what a hand it was! Kayana has organised the photos in our gallery and has been a great sounding board for ideas on the general design of the yearbook.
Suzy (CL7) As the Senior Manager of Communications, Suzy is our patron and avid supporter. Her feedback in discussions is always welcome.
Amanda (CL7) As the Assistant Manager of Communications, Amanda has been involved with this project from the start. She has been an amazing support, and wrote half of the interview questions herself. Massive thanks also go out to Amanda for providing all the anniversary chatsaves from 2004 and 2005.
Dracmus (CL7) For providing some of the images used in the design of this yearbook and also feedback over the yearbook discussion mailing list.
Cinna (CL7) Cinna has been an amazing member of the yearbook team, taking on the organisation of all the chatsaves herself. She has also been an avid contributor to the discussion and we couldn't have done it without her.
Iain (CL8) In his capacity as InDev handy-man and my own personal lackey, Iain is always the first to put his hand up for anything that needs doing. The Yearbook was no different, and he has helped us immensely especially with the technical aspects of the interview questionnaire which was entirely automated this year so we didn't have to go along and manually collate all the interview data.